How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0xca020007

There have been several reports that users are encountering the error code 0xca020007 when trying to update Windows 10 or Windows 11. The error is most often caused by corrupted or deleted system files. If you have also experienced the same error code on your device, this post will help you fix it. Let’s begin.

Fix Windows Update Error Code 0xca020007

What Causes Windows Update Error Code 0xca020007?

The Windows update process sometimes fails with error code 0xca020007. Several factors can cause this error. These are listed below:

  1. You might experience the 0xca020007 error if your internet connectivity is poor. Once the internet becomes stable, try again.
  2. Windows relies on system files to function properly. A corrupt or faulty system file can cause the 0xca020007 error
  3. If any of your peripheral devices, including USBs, controllers, etc are connected to your computer, then disconnect all your peripheral devices because these could be interfering with Windows updates.
  4. You might be experiencing this error code due to running out of space on your hard drive. If this is the case, you can free up some space by using a desk cleanup tool.
  5. In some cases, the device drivers can interfere with each other and cause this error code. To fix this problem, disconnect all your peripheral devices and update your Windows.
  6. Your Windows update may have failed because it needed more than one update. Rebooting and retrying your update will fix the problem.

Now that we know the error code and what caused it, we can work on fixing it.

1. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

The Windows Update troubleshooter is designed to help you overcome errors associated with Windows updates, so it can assist you in resolving the 0xca020007 error.

To run the Windows update troubleshooter, follow these steps:-

  • Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

Windows 11 Update Troubleshooter

  • Go to Windows Update and click on Run.

It will take a while for the process to complete. You can now apply the recommended fixes by following the on-screen instructions. Restart your computer to see if you are able to resolve the error.

2. Run System File Checker

If the problem persists, run the System File Checker tool to identify corrupted system files. Here are the steps to run the tool.

  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run command.
  • Type cmd in the text field and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt with admin access.
  • If UAC appears on the screen, click Yes to continue.


  • In the elevated command prompt window, type the following command. Hit Enter.
sfc /scannow
  • The process will take some time to complete. Start your computer again and see if it solves the problem.

3. Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

Windows Update requires temporary files to be stored in the software distribution folder located in the Windows directory. If the error 0xca020007 is caused by software distribution folder conflicts, clearing it might solve the problem.

  • Right-click on Start and select Run from the menu list.
  • Type cmd in the dialog box and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut.
  • Click on the Yes button when UAC appears on the computer screen.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the following command and press Enter. This will stop the Windows Update Service.
net stop wuauserv
  • Again run the below command and this will stop the Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
net stop bits
  • Now open Windows Explorer and browse the following path:
  • On the next page, select all the contents and delete them.

Note: If you are having problems deleting all the files, restart your computer and give it another try.

  • After you clear the SoftwareDistribution folder, run the below command to start the Windows Update service.
net start wuauserv
  • Again run the following command to start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
net start bits

After you have completed the above steps, Windows will reorganize the file system and redownload all the components.

4. Restart Windows Update Service

It’s common to see several programs running in the background when you open up the task manager. These programs are known as Windows services. Although Windows does good job managing services, sometimes the feature or tool does not give effective results. In such a case, you will have to restart the services. To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Right-click on Start and select Run from the menu list.
  • Type services.msc in the text box and press Enter to open the Services window.
  • On the next screen, locate the Windows Update service.
  • Once you find the service, right-click on it and select the Properties option.
  • On the General tab, change the Startup type to Automatic.
  • Now click Apply to save the changes.
  • Next to the Service status, click on the Start button.
  • If your service is already Running, click on Stop and Start it again.

After you perform the above steps, restart your computer and check to see if Windows Update Error Code 0xca020007 is solved.

5. Reset Windows Update Components

If your Windows Update is stuck checking or installing updates, you can fix the problem simply by resetting the Windows Update Components. Here’s how:

net stop bits 
net stop wuauserv 
net stop appidsvc 
net stop cryptsvc
Del “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat”
cd /d %windir%\system32
regsvr32.exe atl.dll 
regsvr32.exe urlmon.dll 
regsvr32.exe mshtml.dll 
regsvr32.exe shdocvw.dll 
regsvr32.exe browseui.dll 
regsvr32.exe jscript.dll 
regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll 
regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll 
regsvr32.exe msxml.dll 
regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll
regsvr32.exe wucltui.dll
regsvr32.exe msxml6.dll 
regsvr32.exe actxprxy.dll 
regsvr32.exe softpub.dll 
regsvr32.exe wintrust.dll 
regsvr32.exe dssenh.dll 
regsvr32.exe rsaenh.dll 
regsvr32.exe gpkcsp.dll 
regsvr32.exe sccbase.dll 
regsvr32.exe slbcsp.dll 
regsvr32.exe cryptdlg.dll 
regsvr32.exe oleaut32.dll 
regsvr32.exe ole32.dll 
regsvr32.exe shell32.dll 
regsvr32.exe initpki.dll 
regsvr32.exe wuapi.dll
regvr32.exe wups.dll
regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll 
regsvr32.exe wuweb.dll 
regsvr32.exe qmgr.dll 
regsvr32.exe qmgrprxy.dll 
regsvr32.exe wucltux.dll 
regsvr32.exe muweb.dll 
regsvr32.exe wuwebv.dll 
netsh winsock reset
netsh winhttp reset proxy
net start bits 
net start wuauserv 
net start appidsvc 
net start cryptsvc

After running the above commands, reboot your PC and try updating Windows again.

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