How to share Desktop Screen on Zoom App on Windows 11/10

Due to a sudden increase in Online business, remote-connecting apps have become more useful than ever. The Zoom app is one such software that facilitates several features such as – unlimited one-to-one video calls, 40 min video conferencing with peers, share Desktop Screen, etc. Besides, this also provides a smooth interface leading to a healthy interaction between teachers and students. 

In this post, we guide two separate ways to share the Desktop Screen on Zoom App. The first one is while you haven’t started the meeting and the second when you’re already in a video conferencing. Apart from this, we also discuss the availability of different icons and their functions. Let’s explore the ways to connect the Zoom App to your computer or smartphone –

Ways to Share Desktop screen on Zoom App on Windows 11 or 10 PC

To share your Android/Desktop screen on the Zoom app, use either of the below methods –

Note: You must download/install the app and create a Zoom account before proceeding to share your Desktop Screen. 

1] Share Screen on Zoom if you haven’t started the call yet

If you are using the Zoom app for the first time and haven’t yet connected to any meeting, follow the below steps –

  • Launch the Zoom app on the desktop and click the sign-in button.
  • Enter a valid followed by the zoom password then hit the Sign In button again.

share desktop screen on Zoom App

  • After successful login, you must be on its homepage. 

Note: If you are using a phone or tablet, there is a “Meet & Chat” tab instead of Home.

  • Click the Share screen icon and enter the provider sharing Key or Meeting ID.

share screen on Zoom App

  • Now click the Share button. A window prompts asking the meeting password, enter the same, and press Join.

share screen on Zoom App

  • Now, pick any one of the available screens and hit the Share button again.

On Android –

  • After verifying the Meeting ID, the next screen displays “Not Sharing Screen Yet“.
  • On the subsequent page, make sure that the Microphone is turned off then only click start the broadcast.
  • The screen is now ready to share, you may set a timer for it stops when the time reaches its threshold. 

2] Share Desktop screen on Zoom App if you’re already on a call

The process of screen sharing differs quite a bit when you are on an Audio/Video call. Let’s explore the right procedure –

  • Go to the bottom center and click the Share Screen button. If you can’t locate this option, use “Alt + Shift + S” using the keyboard. Mobile users may hold and move the screen to access this icon. 

Sharing Screen Options

  • Tools like Whiteboard, PowerPoint presentation, apps, must be now available on the screen. Pick any one of these and hit the Share button available at the right bottom corner. The broadcast will start.
  • If you want to use more features during the screen share, move the cursor to the top to get the Zoom banner.
  • To start sharing the screen with new users, click New Share and the remaining steps are as usual. 

Availability of Options on the Screen Sharing App

The Zoom app comes with lots of buttons that serve different purposes while on the video call. This ensures smooth call connectivity along with performing other tasks as well.

Options on Zoom App

Let’s learn about these icons –

  • The Start/Stop button is there to begin/stop the ongoing video conference.
  • Use the Mute/Unmute button to stop sound coming while on Audio/Video Call. 
  • Each Participant gets a separate profile indicating the number of connected people.
  • If you click Stop Share, this will stop the screen broadcasting.
  • To launch a separate window of the screen sharing, use the Annotate button.
  • The More drop-down menu consists of options like Chat, Record, and others. 

More option on Zoom App

For the Android user 

Along with the above tools, Android/iPhone/iPad users get some extra options that are as follows –

  • When you press the Share button, the app displays a list of Contents that you may broadcast. If your sole purpose is to share your mobile screen, tap “Screen“.
  • Instead of sharing the screen, you may directly broadcast different items like – Photos, Dropbox, Website URL, or saved bookmarks. If you want, you may even broadcast your drives from different platforms such as – Google, Microsoft, iCloud, etc. 
  • When you click the Start Broadcast, the red button will become active automatically with a timer. Users may modify this time limit after which the broadcast should stop. 
  • You can red button anytime to stop sharing the Mobile Screen.

I hope this article helps to share your PC/Mobile screen while using the Zoom app.

R Aryan

R Aryan

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