Fix Xbox One is stuck on Green Loading Screen

While playing Xbox, some players have reported a green loading screen that prevents them to continue the game. There might be multiple factors that cause this issue to occur. However, in most cases, it has to do with corrupted or missing boot files that prevent Xbox from properly booting, causing Xbox to freeze at the green logo screen.

Xbox Ones often experience a ‘Green Screen Of Death’ if they get stuck on the green loading screen while trying to boot up. Although this is not a rare problem, there are several articles on the web discussing this issue. This guide offers some effective solutions, so you can fix this problem and keep enjoying Xbox gaming.

Xbox One is stuck on Green Loading Screen

Xbox One is stuck on Green Loading Screen

To fix the Green Loading Screen problem, use the following methods:

1] Hard reset the Xbox One

Before you move on to any other fixes, you should try this first. The green screen is likely a temporary issue and a hard reset should resolve it.

In order to hard reset your Xbox One, use the below steps:

  • Hold down the Power button of your console for a few seconds.
  • There will be a reboot in a while unless there is a serious issue.
  • And after that, you won’t see the green screen. If this doesn’t help, move to the next fix.

The method has been confirmed to work by many users who faced the Xbox One green screen. You may have to repeat the process several times to get it to work. Others have said it only worked on their second attempt.

2] Update the system offline

With the Xbox Offline System Update, you can download a file to a USB flash drive and use it to update your console. Once the file has been downloaded, the files have to be installed on your console.

Updating your system offline requires the following prerequisites:

  • Internet connection and a Windows PC with a USB port.
  • The USB flash drive must have at least 6GB of space and be formatted as NTFS.
  • There should be no additional files on the USB flash drive.

4] Perform Factory Reset

If none of the methods above fix the Xbox One green screen issue, you can only fix the problem by factory resetting the unit. It is important to remember that a factory reset will wipe all of your data, so that is not something you may want.

To reset your Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Xbox console. For this, hold down the Xbox key button for about 10 seconds.
  • When the device is powered off, press and hold the binding/sync key along with the eject and power buttons until two beeps come from the device.
  • Release the buttons when you hear the beeps and you will see a menu appear on your screen.
  • Using your d-pad, navigate to the Reset this Xbox section and press A to continue
  • The factory reset will begin after you press A on the “Remove everything” button.

Why does the Xbox One Green Screen of Death occur?

The causes of Green Screen of Death in Xbox have not been confirmed, but some likely possibilities include:

  1. During gameplay, you may encounter the green screen on your Xbox if the hard drive of your console is damaged or corrupted.
  2. The green screen of death can also occur if there is a communication problem between the Xbox device and the Windows server.
  3. It is possible to run into the green screen of death if the installation is interrupted or fails.

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