How to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10 19H1

Windows 10 19H1 already roll out and its time to know how to enable Sandbox on your System. In reality, one of the finest tools available to run applications. Being lightweight provides this an extra edge.

There are so many apps that you must want to give a try but fear to do so as they can damage your PC. This is the reason why Windows Sandbox is so popular. You can attempt installing any executable files without damaging core system files. Here, we guide easy ways to turn on Sandbox on Windows 10.

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How to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10

Follow these easy steps to turn on Sandbox on Windows 10 version 19H1-

Step-1: Hit Win icon and type ‘turn windows features on or off’ in the search bar.

Step-2: From the list of options, select the best-matched result to start Windows Features.

Step-3: Here, scroll down the cursor to find the Windows Sandbox option.

Note: To turn on a feature, you should tick the check-box. Similarly, un-check the box to disable that feature.

Step-4: Once you locate Windows Sandbox, mark its check-box.

enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10


Step-5: Now hit OK and Reboot your system so as to save the changes made so far.

From the next logon, you can start Windows Sandbox right from the Start Menu.

Prerequisites for installing Windows Sandbox

Here are the minimum system requirements to install Windows Sandbox-

  1. Windows – Pro or Enterprise
  2. Architecture – AMD64 or x64
  3. RAM – Minimum 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
  4. ROM – Minimum 1 GB Disk Storage (SSD recommended)
  5. BIOS – Enabled virtualization
  6. Two CPU cores or 4 cores with hyper-threading

Microsoft Hypervisor is essential for running Windows Sandbox. To find Hyper-V requirements, you can execute systeminfo.exe code on Command Prompt. This command line will look for Hypervisor inside your PC. If found, then only you can run Sandbox. Hence, the above prerequisites and Hypervisor is necessary for the well-functioning of Windows Sandbox.

Note: You must copy and paste any app for testing inside Sandbox rather than just drag and drop.

Hope you are now able to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10 19H1 PC.

Soni Aryan

Soni Aryan

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