Top 7 AI Art Generator Tools for Designers in 2023

AI technology has transformed the creative and marketing world, providing tools for making chatbots, AI-generated images, and blog posts from text prompts. Among these tools, AI art generators stand out as an exciting area to explore. With these tools, creating your own art has become easier than ever.

Whether you’re interested in realistic images, anime-style drawings, or oil paintings, AI art tools can assist you in creating stunning masterpieces. However, choosing the best AI art app from the many options available can be overwhelming. Dive into our curated “best of the best” list and discover what AI art generators have to offer on this thrilling artistic journey.

What Should You Look for in AI Art Generators?

Each and every one of the AI tools promises to provide something new or exciting, or better, faster, or more affordable results. So, it becomes quite tough to go for a particular tool, especially when you have no idea which features you are exactly looking for. 

Well, worry not, as all the relevant information about an artificially intelligent tool is available on their official pages. Again, this might also become challenging to browse for things you don’t know how to start with. To ease out the selection process, we have pointed out some questions for you and you should really look into them when choosing an AI tool. 

When you’re considering which AI design generator to use, think carefully about:

  1. Pricing: This is the first question that you ask yourself because you might end up paying more for a feature that is available just for free. 
  2. Ease of use: The tool that you are going to purchase must provide a user-friendly interface supporting clear instructions and guidance on how to generate art.
  3. Accessibility: There are tools that are available as a standalone web app only, while others also offer some app or desktop versions. Give this a try based on where exactly are you going to use the AI tool.
  4. Image Style: Though most artificially intelligent tools offer numerous image styles, there are some which won’t let you produce high-quality AI art in your chosen style. So, give this a thought as well. 
  5. Quality of Output: This matters a lot if you are trying to create an image in the least possible time. 
  6. Tech Support: If you are going to purchase an AI tool, you must consider how good is its tech support. Otherwise, you won’t find solutions if anything goes wrong out of nowhere. 

Now that you know what area to search for, you may go through the below set of AI tools, and decide yourself which one is going to work best in your case. 

1] Adobe Firefly (Beta)

Adobe Firefly

Firefly Beta is an AI Art Generator by Adobe that lets designers work together and make their design process easier. It has a simple interface and lots of useful features for creating beautiful designs, animations, and prototypes.

Since it’s in the beta stage, some things might not work perfectly yet. However, Adobe Firefly has the potential to change how designers work and could be a glimpse into the future of creative software.

Adobe Firefly (beta) comes with a default photo editing tool that includes changing the Aspect ratio, Styles, Color & tone, lighting, and composition. 

Key Features

  • Lets you apply styles or textures to text with a text prompt.
  • Uses a brush to remove objects, or paint in new ones from text descriptions
  • Generates images from a detailed text description.
  • Supports extending images in a single click 
  • Lets you create a 3D scene and use a text prompt to generate an image.
  • Supports color variations of your vector artwork from a detailed text description.


  • It leaves a watermark on all your downloaded images which you may remove by purchasing a subscription of it. 


  • As of now, its beta version is completely free. 

2] Midjourney


Midjourney is one of the best AI Art generators that lets you generate some visually stunning images purely based on your text prompts. Use this tool to create some images and you will be in total awe with the generated ones.

The images look so real that it becomes pretty difficult to distinguish them from the original ones. This is because of its ability to expedite Rendering, simplify workflow, and generate Inspirational designs.

Using Midjournet, you can not only generate a wide range of images but also change their art styles simultaneously. In terms of signing here, all you require is a Discord account. Additionally, you may also scan the QR code using your Discord mobile app. 

In case you don’t have an account at Discord, you may create one using your email, and DOB. Like in any other website, you need also to choose a unique username and set a password for it. 

Key Features

  • Simple Interface with all features easy to play with
  • Continuous improvements to the graphics quality of AI-generated pieces for web design
  • Supports signing into Midjourney Beta 
  • Strong sense of community thanks to existing within Discord


  • You need to a have little knowledge of Discord before signing up for the Midjourney plan. 
  • If you prompt this AI tool to upscale images, this can change the output’s design slightly.


  • Free trial available 
  • Midjourney starts with a basic plan of $10/month, includes a standard plan at $30/month, and also has a pro plan starting from $60/month. 

3] Fotor


Fotor’s AI tool offers the generation of architectural designs and images among various other styles. This web-based solution provides a beginner-friendly interface, allowing users to enter prompts in a text box, choose from different aspect ratios, and select preset styles.

Whether it’s interior design or floor plans, Fotor can create stunning top-down interiors based on common style descriptions. Additionally, Fotor supports image-to-image generation, enabling the transformation of concept sketches into photorealistic images within seconds.

Key Features

Fotor AI Art Generator supports the following key features – 

  • Put a text or a combination of keywords in the prompt, and this tool generates a stunning image.
  • You may also use this tool to create some images out of your existing images.
  • Lets you customize all your AI Art made through Fotor.
  • Allows Printable AI Arts.


  • You can use Fotor’s AI art generator for free for the first five creations. Post that, you must purchase this tool to create any further AI images. 


  • With its integrated photo editing tools, Fotor offers a comprehensive platform for tweaking architectural designs. Access to Fotor Pro starts at $3.33 per month or $2.99 per month (no access to photo editing tools) for 200 credits.

4] DALL-E 2

Dall-E2 - AI Art Generators

DALL-E 2, developed by OpenAI, is an impressive image generator that uses artificial intelligence. It can turn simple text prompts into realistic images, and it even has a cool feature called Outpainting that expands images beyond their original size.

Architects and designers can use DALL-E 2 to quickly visualize their ideas and show them to clients. You can also upload your own photos or designs for editing and retouching. It’s a fun tool for creating beautiful landscapes, social media images, or illustrations.

Key Features

  • Lets you create Surreally and otherworldly AI-generated art.
  • Provides you with a user-friendly interface and is quite simple to generate images here. 
  • Supports mixing Art models, styles, and concepts to create cohesive and high-quality images


  • Output quality might be compromised as they mostly appear blurry or pixelated.
  • Takes quite a long time to process even a single query. 


  • The more details you provide, the better the results. DALL-E 2 works on a credit-based system, starting at $15 for 115 credits. 

5] Jasper Art

Jasper AI - AI Art Generators

Originally developed as a written content generator, Jasper AI has now evolved into an impressive AI image generator. By providing text input, users can generate realistic and original architectural designs, allowing for the application of different styles and attribute adjustments.

Effective prompt formattings, such as ordering prompts by subject, description, and style, yields the best results. While generating text or signage may not be ideal, Jasper Art provides an internal gallery and the flexibility to add those elements later in a regular image editor.

Key Features:

  • Choose from different styles and mediums of AI-generated art options
  • Different modes to suit your capability, from Basic to Freeform
  • Use alongside Jasper’s brand voice features to design AI art to fit your brand management strategy


  • No free trial is available with Jasper AI. 
  • Very few options are available under photo editing tools


To use Jasper Art, you’ll need an active Jasper subscription. Jasper Art is included for no additional fee.

  • Creator: $49/month, Teams: $125/month, and Business: Contact Jasper for pricing

6] DeepAI

DeepAI AI Art Generators

DeepAI is another popular AI Art generator that lets you create unique images based on simple texts. With this tool, you get a series of tools and styles that you may use to enhance your creativity. is a popular AI art generator that allows users to transform their photos into impressive artworks inspired by famous artists and artistic styles. Using deep neural networks, the tool analyzes the content and style of an input image and applies a transformation to create a unique blend of the two.

Key Features

  • Offers editing images in seconds by entering a simple prompt inside its AI Image Editor. 
  • Browse through the thousands of images available under its community and select your favorite one. 


  • Doesn’t produce quality images. 


Available under two different plans and they are –

  • Recurring payment of $4.99 per month 

7] NightCafe

NightCafe is a simple yet effective AI Art generator tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate some really cool images. The artistic pictures created using this tool are quite mesmerizing and leave a good visual impact on your eyes. 

NightCafe AI Art Generators

Be it turning your photo into a masterpiece or generating a text-to-image picture, you can perform all such tasks with ease using this NightCafe Creator. 

Key Features

  • Comes with an unlimited base Stable Diffusion generations, along with 5 free credits to use on a particular day. 
  • Lets you choose your own art style. A few examples include Oil Painting, Pixel Art, Illustration, etc. 
  • Daily AI Art Challenges are available with thousands of people participating in votes. 
  • Supports almost all types of devices including laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.


  • Tech Support is not easily accessible.
  • Filters here can be overly sensitive to generate AI Art. 


  • You get 5 free credits per day plus bonuses for participating in community events
  • Premium plans start from $5.99 for 100 credit/month, and $49.99 for 1400 credits/month, with two more plans adjusted in between these two. 
  • You can also buy packs of credits outside of subscriptions, starting at $7.99/100 credits.

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The emergence of new AI Art generator tools has significantly improved the world of the creative landscape. Users may now use these tools to create some really complex yet beautiful images. Though this is the beginning of artificial intelligence in our world, they have already empowered artists and enthusiasts to explore their cognitive minds. 

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, you may try out the above-mentioned tools and create something really imaginative for yourself. Let’s know in the comment box if you like any one of these AI Art Generator tools for your next project. 

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