Fix Error 0xa0430721 while installing Edge or Chrome in Windows

In this guide, we will discuss what causes an error code 0xa0430721 while installing Edge or Chrome browsers and the correct ways to repair it on Windows PC. 

Edge browser users encounter this issue when the related registry entry got corrupted somehow on their computers. They may fix this issue simply by deleting that entry. If you don’t find that entry inside the registry, download Edge’s offline installer and install it on your PC. 

Chrome Installation Failed Error 0xa0430721

For Chrome users, the solutions differ. They encounter this bug either while attempting to run a corrupted installer or when the system apps are preventing the Chrome installation. To resolve this issue then, boot into the Safe boot and retry the installation. 

How to Fix Error 0xa0430721 on Windows 11/10

If you are getting an error code 0xa0430721 while installing Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on Windows 11/10, try these workarounds one by one –

Fix Edge or Chrome Installation Error 0xa0430721

1] Fix Microsoft Edge installation issue

These are the steps that you may attempt to fix Edge installation issue on Windows 11 or 10 PC –

Modify registry settings

Corrupted registry entries on Windows PC might cause problems installing the Edge browser on Windows. So, you need to repair the damaged entries to fix installing Edge on Windows without getting into error 0xa0430721. 

Note: Do back up your registry editor before making any changes to it. 

  • Press Win + R to launch the Run dialog.
  • Type “regedit” and hit OK.
  • The UAC window will prompt next, hit Yes to authorize opening Registry Editor.
  • On the registry, navigate to the below path – 


  • Right-click on the “F3C4FE00-EFD5-403B-9569-398A20F1BA4A” entry and click Delete.

Fix Error 0xa0430721 on Edge

  • A warning window will appear confirming this entry deletion, hit Yes.
  • Now that you have deleted the above-told entry, restart your PC next.

Boot back into Windows 11/10 and try again to install Microsoft Edge using the installer. You may get the Edge installer from its official site

Run the Edge installer as Administrator

Once you have the offline installer for Microsoft Edge, do the following to install it on your Windows PC –

  • Right-click on the downloaded Edge’s offline installer, and select the option – Run as administrator.
  • Let this setup file install successfully on your computer.
  • Don’t perform any other task while the Edge installation is going on.
  • I hope you now have the Edge browser running on your device. 

2] Fix Error 0xa0430721 on Chrome 

This error while installing Chrome appears only when you meet the following two conditions –

Now that you know why the error 0xa0430721 occurs for Google Chrome, do the following to counter these two scenarios –

Using a corrupted Chrome installer

This may occur that you have downloaded a corrupted file thus you can’t install the Chrome browser on your PC. One may fix this issue by getting the right and official installer by visiting Chrome’s site. Once you have the correct installer, right-click on it and choose the option – Run as administrator

System apps are preventing this browser installation

In case the error 0xa0430721 is still occurring while installing Google Chrome, boot into the Clean Boot state, and retry the installation. Here’s how to enter the Clean boot state in Windows 11/10

  • Press Win + S to launch the Search window.
  • Type “System configuration” and click over the top result.
  • On the upcoming window, go to the Boot tab, and select “Safe boot” under Boot options.
  • The Minimal checkbox will be selected automatically.

Safe Boot in Windows 11

  • Click Apply then OK to enter the Clean boot state on your Windows Machine.
  • Windows will shut down and boot into the Safe boot next.
  • When Windows reloads, go to the folder where you have downloaded the Chrome offline installer. 
  • Right-click on this file and choose the option – “Run as administrator“.

I hope this fixes the error 0xa0430721 when installing Google Chrome on Windows 11 or 10 PC. 

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