How to Fix Error Code 0xC0000035 on Windows 11/10

Several users reported encountering an error code 0xC0000035 when they were opening the Event Viewer on their Windows devices. Since you are here, you must be getting this error code as well and are looking for fixes that can address this error code. Well, in this post, we will look into the reasons for invoking this error and the five workarounds that might resolve this event error on Windows 11/10. 

Upon encountering this error code, you may also see an error message – “STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION”. It appears when the event logger is full thus blocking the Circuit Kernel Context Logger from starting normally. Let’s learn the ways applying which you may overcome this Kernel Event Tracing Error on Windows 11/10 PC. 

Fix Error Code 0xC0000035

What may trigger an error code 0xC0000035 in Windows? 

The 0xC0000035 is an event error and it occurs only when some system processes fail to start. This could be because of some network failures, corrupt device drivers running on your PC, or others. 

How do I Solve this Error Code 0xC0000035?

To solve this error code on a Windows 11/10 PC, attempt the below fixes one after another. Though you may apply them in any order, we suggest following the same order in which they were put. 

1. Update or Reinstall Intel and other network drivers

Event Viewer Errors like 0xC0000035 mostly occur due to the presence of outdated network drivers on your computer. A corrupt Intel driver may also trigger similar error codes on Windows 11/10 PC. 

Earlier, users can update all their drivers (system, network, or Intel) via Device Manager. However, with the recent changes in Windows 11/10, you may search for all driver updates directly from Windows Update. Once you get a pending update for the running drivers on your device, check its specific box, and hit Download and Install

View and install optional updates

Note: While initiating a search on Windows Update, the optional updates contain all the relevant driver and firmware updates. 

2. Disable or Uninstall Third-party antivirus

Third-party apps running on Windows OS often corrupt system files and thus trigger unwanted issues including error code 0xC0000035. Before you apply any fix, make sure to disable all such apps, especially security apps like Kaspersky, or Avast on your computer. 

After these applications are disabled on your Windows PC, restart your PC. Sign back into your device and launch Event Viewer again. In case the error persists even after disabling the 3rd-party antivirus program, attempt the next set of solutions outlined below. 

Note: Windows Defender is a self-sufficient application that can automatically detect and resolve online threats as well as malware attacks on your Windows 11/10 PC. So, we suggest enabling this system security app instead of going for the free versions of online antivirus programs. 

To uninstall a third-party app from your system, go to Settings (Win + I) > Apps > Installed Apps, and locate the faulty application. Click the three dots available beside it, and hit the Uninstall button. A pop-up window may appear next, click uninstall again to fully remove the chosen app from your PC. 

3. Tweak the Autologg registry key

The registry editor is the most important tool on the Windows Operating system. Any bug or issue within this tool may cause your system to behave strangely. Since you are encountering an error code 0xC0000035 while launching the Event Viewer, open the registry editor, and make some changes to the Autologg registry key.

Here’s how to perform this task –

  • Press Win + X, and select Run from the Power Menu.
  • Type Regedit on it and hit OK.
  • When the registry editor opens up, navigate to the below path –


  • Alternatively, you may also copy/paste the above line into the Registry’s address bar, and press Enter
  • Once you are there, locate and double-click on the Enabled key. You may find this key on the right pane. 
  • Change its base to Hexadecimal and the Value data field to “0” (without quotes). 
  • Click OK to save the recent changes and double-click on the EnableProperly key. 
  • Similar to that of the Enabled key, change its base and Value data field to Hexadecimal and 0 respectively. 
  • Click OK again to confirm the recent changes. 

Close the registry, and restart your PC. Hopefully, the error code 0xC0000035 must have been resolved by now. 

4. Try DISM to repair the System Image

In the event of this error occurring, again and again, the most effective way is to repair the System Image. For this, users may utilize the DISM tool, and have this problem resolved. Here’s what you need to do to perform a DISM scan on your computer – 

  • Press Win + X, and choose Terminal (Admin).
  • The terminal will default land into Windows PowerShell having admin rights. 
  • Copy/paste the below command on it, and press Enter

DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

DISM Windows Terminal

  • This will take 10-15 minutes to diagnose and repair the underlying causes on your Windows PC. 

5. Reset Network

Several users reported fixing this error code when they switched to some other network. If you are still encountering this error code while opening the Event Viewer, you may proceed ahead, and reset all your network adapters. In case this error persists even after this, switch to a different ISP. 

I hope the error code 0xC0000035 has been resolved by now. Do tell us in the comment section if you face any issues or trouble following the above sections. 

Soni Aryan

Soni Aryan

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