R Aryan

R Aryan

Ranvijay Aryan, a Windows expert has been writing for howtoedge since 2018. He has worked at different websites, including howtoconnect, ilovefreesoftware, WindowsOutline, and other tech sites. He has also produced several articles in the SEO niche on Kunnectus and WpressSeo.

Fix Thumbnail Previews Not Showing on Windows 11

Fix Thumbnail Previews Not Showing on Windows 11

Thumbnails play a crucial role in recognizing an image or video beforehand playing it. Almost all users prefer using thumbnails over displaying images as icons. So, when thumbnail previews stop showing or not displaying, it is quite worrisome to all.…

Fix: Microsoft Store Error 0x80131500 in Windows 10


Have you recently encountered the error 0x80131500 while installing or updating apps on Microsoft Store? This post discusses the reasons that might cause this issue along with seven working fixes for this update error in Windows. What causes Store Error…

Fix Windows Upgrade Error 0xC1800118 on WSUS

Fix Windows Upgrade Error 0xC1800118

The error 0xC1800118 is basically an upgrade error that occurs primarily when using WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). If you are struggling with such an error code and don’t know what to do next, follow this tutorial till the end.…

[Download] Light Trails theme on Windows 10

light trails

On 22nd May, Microsoft launched three stupendous themes which are- Light Trails, River Deltas, and Fabrics of India. Each of them has its own beauty and mesmerizing effects. However, if you randomly want to pick one, we recommend going for…